GEZE IQ box Safety – TÜV-certified protection for power-operated windows

Natural ventilation systems with motor-activated windows ensure a healthy indoor climate and are also an economically attractive alternative to mechanical ventilation systems in terms of indoor air hygiene. Power-operated windows can easily be integrated into the building automation and facilitate functional ventilation scenarios. As such, they are increasingly in the realm of building users. The protection of these windows is therefore an additional factor in the planning and design. With the IQ box Safety, GEZE is launching a TÜV-tested solution for the closing edge protection of power-operated windows up to protection rating 4.

High safety specifications for power-operated windows

Natural ventilation systems with motor-operated windows ensure a healthy and hygienic indoor climate.

Natural ventilation systems with motor-operated windows ensure a healthy and hygienic indoor climate. © Getty Images

Power-operated windows that are opened and closed via a motorised drive can make a significant contribution to a healthy indoor climate and to increasing indoor air hygiene in the building. Due to their classification within the European Machinery Directive, they must comply with stringent safety standards. Therefore, the individual specifications for power-operated windows in the building need to be determined at an early stage. This not only involves technical aspects: guarantees must also be provided that the solution is safe for all users of the building during day-to-day operation. This is particularly relevant in buildings such as schools, kindergartens and hospitals, as well as in buildings that are open to the public, such as meeting venues and retail spaces. Here in particular, it must be ensured that improper use of the windows or carelessness do not result in injury. With IQ box Safety, the door, window and safety specialist GEZE offers a safe solution for all the demands placed on a power-operated window. The manufacturer supports architects, planners and building managers with demand analysis in the area of automated natural ventilation, and provides customised advice.

GEZE IQ box Safety: TÜV-tested safety for power-operated windows

IQ box Safety is suitable for protecting closing edges on automated power-operated windows in connection with all 24 V GEZE IQ windowdrive drives. IQ box Safety enables simple and quick connection of various safety edges and non-contact sensors. For each window, one IQ box Safety connects up to four window drives and two locking drives. It is suitable for applications in the area of natural ventilation and smoke extraction (smoke and heat extraction system and SHEV) and in connection with the GEZE IQ box KNX. The GEZE IQ box Safety module is TÜV-tested, and complies with the EN ISO 13849-1 and 2 standards. As such, it meets the most stringent protection demands for power-operated windows in accordance with risk assessment under the Machinery Directive.

Plug-and-Play solution: connect, plug in, done

Installation and commissioning of the GEZE IQ box Safety is incredibly easy: the top hat rail mounting with plug-in terminals is easily connected to the GEZE window drive and other GEZE IQ boxes. The pre-programmed sensor inputs enable speedy and straightforward commissioning of the system. DIP switches to switch the sensor inputs on and off are easily accessed on the front of the IQ box. An LED display indicates the operating status of the sensor at all times. The small dimensions enable the IQ module to “vanish” into a control cabinet or specifically prepared surface-mounted casing. The product thus offers planners and architects a high degree of flexibility regarding both the positioning of the system and the functional design of ventilation and smoke and heat extraction windows.