GEZE TSA355 in The legendary Peoples' Friendship University

The legendary Peoples' Friendship University was founded by the resolution of the USSR Government in 1960 in Moscow. In 1961, the University was awarded the name of Patrice Lumumba — one of the symbols of African peoples’ struggle for independence. Students and scientists could study and research freely outside the political framework, following the great principles of friendship and mutual support. In 1992, by the resolution of Russia’s Government, the University was renamed as Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN).

Prestigious doors at the entrance of the prestigious university

RUDN Moscow University © GEZE Russia

In 2022, the main entrance of the university building was reconstructed; on September 1, the largest international university opened its doors to students and teachers. We are proud of having taken part in this great event – we have installed two revolving doors GEZE TSA355-BO, so we have ensured convenience and safety of entrance into the main building of Peoples’ Friendship University. The revolving door GEZE TSA355-BO not only ensures the exceptional exterior of the building facade, makes daily entrances convenient, but also ensures a safe route in case of an emergency owing to the function Break-out.

Two revolving doors GEZE TSA355-BO at the entrance of the RUDN Moscow University. © GEZE Russia

The function Break-out allows to arrange an emergency evacuation through automatic doors because door wings open towards the escape route. Namely, in the event of mechanical impact on the door wing it opens allowing to go through the exit without hindrance. The automatic mechanism in this case is off for safe passage.

RUDN is the leader among Russian higher education institutions in international ratings as to the share of foreign students. Using knowledge to unite people of different cultures, RUDN forms leaders who make the world better, and the company GEZE helps it in this, ensuring safety and convenience on the way towards knowledge.