Case studies

GEZE automatic doors promote a feel-good atmosphere for young patients

GEZE is also a leading provider of door, window and safety technology in the UK. GEZE UK Ltd implemented state-of-the-art door solutions in the John Radcliffe Children's Hospital in Oxford, skilfully combining clinical functionality with a comfortable atmosphere for the young patients.

Invisible efficiency: Slimdrive SL sliding door systems

Glazed sliding door systems in the entrance of the children's hospital.

Automatic glass sliding door system with Slimdrive SL-drives in discreet 70 mm design.

The John-Radcliffe Children's Hospital designed by Parry Bowen architects, and built in accordance with the latest hospital architectural standards.. The real eye-catcher of the main entrance is the double-leaf automatic sliding door, with a powerful GEZE Slimdrive SL drive system that works almost invisibly thanks to its construction height of only 70 mm. The Slimdrive SL drive automatic drive fits unobtrusively and elegantly into the contemporary clinic façade, and quietly and efficiently manages thousands of movement cycles every day at the busy children’s hospital.

"We are delighted by the design of our entrance area. It’s exactly the kind of atmosphere that is expected of a modern children's hospital. The high-quality workmanship makes a key contribution to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for patients and clinical staff," says Vickie Holcroft, Project Manager at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Automatic swing doors: convenience in the entire clinical area

The swing door systems from the GEZE TSA drive series are used everywhere in the clinic complex where functionality and ease of access are of particular importance. The automatic TSA 160 door drive ensures light and reliable opening and closing of the automatic doors, even in heavily frequented areas. The TS 4000 overhead door closer provides flexible ease of access at swing doors with manual opening. The closing force of the door closers can be individually set and can be perfectly adjusted to meet the needs of each clinical area. They enable door leaves to be opened with minimal effort, e.g. for children and weak adults. The TSA drives make transportation of beds and/or patients easier for clinical staff.

The discerning architecture of the John Radcliffe Children's Hospital demands secure and durable products able to withstand high stresses, yet integrate aesthetically into the building design. Slimdrive SL is the perfect solution for this. The swing door systems from the TSA product series are also indispensable in hospitals. Simple access requiring little effort ensures speedy progress throughout the clinic building - a prerequisite that can save lives.

Jules Quested-Williams, head of sales and marketing at GEZE UK Ltd

Access control for supervised clinical areas

To safeguard access control to sensitive clinical areas, the swing doors to the operating rooms and intensive card wards were also equipped with a TSA drive with an electromagnetic locking system. This guarantees that only authorised persons can enter these areas.

GEZE products in the John Radcliffe Children's Hospital

  • TSA 160 automatic door drive
  • TS 4000 overhead door closer