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Hygiene, accessibility, and a caring environment

Operating theatres, treatment and patient rooms, and waiting areas: rooms in doctors' practices and hospitals must be designed to be comfortable, accessible, and hygienic to optimally support the treatment process.

Clinics, practices, and nursing care facilities: these environments place high demands on door, window and safety technology

GEZE solutions help fulfil overarching demands such as accessibility, preventive fire protection and building security in healthcare. In addition, these applications demand a special focus on hygiene. Here's just one example of specialised GEZE solutions in this area: automatic doors open completely contact-free with the GEZE GC 306 radar detector. Sensor push buttons ensure disinfected hands remain hygienic and clean – especially during operations. In addition, this helps to ensure that the door is already open before the doctor reaches it, particularly important time-critical situations. In other cases, the control is activated via GEZE elbow switches These can also be elbow-activated to open the door sooner.

The atmosphere in a clinic or practice as part of the healing process should not be underestimated, and the waiting room also has a more important role to play than ever. It must be sealed against external factors such as draughts or noise, while appearing inviting and spacious. GEZE all-glass door systems and manual partition systems can be used to customise room designs to individual needs. For example, they can quickly and easily change the size of a room or turn a closed-off area into an accessible area.

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Heavily frequented yet barrier-free entrance areas

The "Ark" at the Stuttgart Clinic: inviting and playful

The "Ark" at the Stuttgart Clinic: inviting and playful © 

The heavily frequented entrance areas at hospitals are used by children, by patients with walking aids, as well as by visitors with luggage. GEZE offers lasting and, above all, safe solutions for these areas. Sliding doors with the GEZE ECdrive promise uncompromising reliability. Self-cleaning roller carriages minimise friction while opening and closing, allowing the door leaves to move quietly, and reducing maintenance work. GEZE offers the Slimdrive for façades and areas where design is paramount. Based on highly modern control technology and high-quality materials, the drive is distinguished by its low overall height of just 7 cm. The drive is in use, for instance, at the Stuttgart Clinic: the Olgahospital/Women's Clinic creates an inviting atmosphere using an automatic sliding door system that leads directly to the 'Ark' children's play and fun area. A passage measuring almost three metres wide, sleek door profiles and Slimdrive SL NT-FR drives integrated into the ceiling combine accessibility with emergency exit protection and transparency. GEZE solutions were thus used to complete a renovation that is accessible to disabled users.

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Comfortable and functional: electric strikes and door stoppers, free swing and comfort hold-open functions

No more slamming doors, thanks to ActiveStop

No more slamming doors, thanks to ActiveStop © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

Some people close doors with a little push, while others give them a goody shove – however you close it, a door should shut quietly without slamming, especially in areas where patients need to rest. GEZE ActiveStop provides a system to meet precisely this demand which means that slamming doors, trapped fingers and damaged walls are a thing of the past. Separate door stoppers are no longer necessary.

GEZE ActiveStop has received two awards for outstanding design. The door damper won the German Design Award 2016. This international prize is awarded by the German Design Council, the brand and design authority and organiser of one of the world's most renowned design competitions.

Doors can be equipped with free swing and comfort hold-open functions for additional convenience. The free swing function was combined with the comfort hold-open function on central doors in the Robert Bosch hospital in Stuttgart. The door locks easily and smoothly at the end of the free swing range, so preventing any unwanted "shutting" – if there is a draught for instance – and also stops the doors becoming stuck in a half-open position.

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Operating theatre doors: sterile, air-tight, and barrier-free

TSA 160 NT in the children's hospital operating theatre

TSA 160 NT in the children's hospital operating theatre © Łukasz Janicki / GEZE GmbH

Operating theatres and intensive care wards are amongst the most sensitive areas in a hospital with regard to hygiene. Doors must open quickly and reliably without contact and seal tightly to ensure that germs stay out and rooms remain sterile. GEZE offers Powerdrive HT as an especially air-tight solution: this feature ensures quick opening to avoid losing time in an emergency, sealing tightly to maintain hygiene in the operating theatre. The Sliding door lower up to 4 mm while closing, pressing against the door frame. Doors in the largest hybrid operating theatre at the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw were equipped with Powerdrive HT sliding door drive systems as part of the hospital's hygiene system. In addition, this solution has also been used on large and heavy sliding door leaves up to 200 kg, including the doors in the X-ray area, where a reliable radiation shield must be guaranteed.

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Automatic door systems support comprehensive hygiene measures and, thus the concept of healing architecture too

Sliding door at Children's Memorial Health Institute

Sliding door at Children's Memorial Health Institute © H. Łukasz Janicki for GEZE Polska

Healing architecture promotes an environment that has a positive influence on healing and well being. GEZE automatic door systems ensure accessibility in this context and support the hygiene measures implemented by healthcare facilities. Sensitive areas in particular, such as operating theatres and intensive care units, have stringent hygiene demands. But a hygienic environment is essential in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and care facilities too: a lot of people touch manually operated functional elements, such as door knobs and handles,  in these high traffic areas. And that means problems when it comes to preventing infections.

Automatic swing doors, sliding doors and revolving doors by GEZE help to establish hygienic conditions in such situations, as well as ensuring safety for everyone concerned: because you can pass through the doors in the entrance area, corridors, lounges or patient rooms without making any contact, all thanks to our reliable drive units. Coupled with our activation devices and sensors, we can provide customised solutions to cater to any door situation.

Healing architecture

GEZE automatic doors

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